another thing I didn’t like about the harry potter movies: in the photos, they made harry’s parents look so old, in their mid-30s or even early 40s, when in the books they were 21 goddamn years old when they died

they were kids, they had just gotten married, they were in their college years, they were so young and the movies didn’t show that and I think that’s sad.



I found this moment so striking between the two of them. Kurt is the one who was assaulted, who still bears the bruises. And yet not only is he the one who chooses to return to the makeshift memorial, but Blaine is the one who then pulls in close for comfort.

Kurt, if anything, stands straighter and stronger than he did before, such is his determination to show the world that no one can take him down. Blaine, as we hear him explicitly say in the next episode, has had a mental image of himself as a leader and a protector (however flawed that idea may be). That he could not keep Kurt safe - that Kurt, who he knows is strong as steel, could be harmed in this place they dreamed of as an escape from the bullies of Ohio - has shaken him to his core.

I love their story so much, both as individuals and as a relationship. Including, maybe even especially, the really hard parts.